Welcome to the fourth week of The Universal Laws of the Mind series.  We’ve previously learned about the power of our thoughts and how they can influence and impact our way of life.

This week we examine THE LAW OF CONTROL.  What this means is that we are forever thinking thoughts, our minds never shut down, and we need to become aware of them and decide if they are positive or negative.  We always have two choices with every thought we think – we can either entertain the thought or dismiss the thought; entertain the thoughts that benefit your growth and dismiss any negative thoughts immediately.

Your mind has the power to either limit you or excel you. When you take the time to monitor your thoughts you will notice how much you think negatively about yourself and others. Next time you notice yourself thinking negatively, no matter what the situation is, dismiss that thought. Do not dwell upon these thoughts, just cut them off immediately. Any negative thought that is persisting in your mind is there because you are allowing it to be there.

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