Congratulations if you watched my Universal Laws of the Mind series.  Use the knowledge you have gained to bring about changes that you want to manifest in your life.

This week’s lesson is all about Henry Ford’s famous quote – whether you think can or think you cannot – you are right!  The last law is based on the same foundation for each and everyone of us.  The 7th universal law is grounded in your beliefs.  Whatever you believe to be true about yourself is/are your universal law[s].  

This law states that whatever beliefs you have for yourself become your universal laws. I challenge you to seriously contemplate and write down what your universal laws are and how they hold you back. The next thing to do is change the law and stop reinforcing your old beliefs, especially if you are not growing and benefitting from them. You change a belief by what you continually reinforce.

Now you know what the universal laws of your mind are and how you use them to create and manifest your reality. Start using daily affirmations, visualizations and seeding to change what you become conscious of and how you see the world. Stop reacting to the people, places, situations and things in your world and start creating your life that is full of abundance and fulfillment….you’ll be glad that you did!

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