Top 5 Reasons Your Organization Needs To Be:


The POSITIVELY HAPPĒ program addresses employee wellness from the scientific research done at Harvard on Happiness, corporate studies on Appreciation and the tenets of Positive Psychology.


  1. Success is not dependent on productivity as the research on happiness has proved
  2. There is a lack of appreciation in the culture
  3. The negative to positive ratio is greater than the positive to negative ratio
  4. Gallup reports that 68% of the workforce reports being unengaged
  5. Employees do not leave companies – they leave bosses [Smart Leadership in Tough Times; Beecham, S. & Grant, M.]

The solution is simple, scientifically based and easy to implement with lasting, sustainable results!  The H-A-P-P-Ē program addresses the top 5 reasons and more to bring about long-term changes – creating an environment where employees feel appreciated, valued and want to contribute.  A brief synopsis of the program and what participants will experience consists of:

H – Happiness research conducted at Harvard University proved the equation for productivity and success was broken.  Participants learn the simple 5 steps how to remedy the problem while increasing productivity and increasing the likelihood of success.

A – Appreciation for a person’s primary language to feel valued.  Each participant will identify her/his own language and learn ho to effectively communicate it.

P – Positivity based activity will be experienced by the participants in a physical way that will eliminate any negative energy and can be fostered throughout the organization.

P – Proactive processes will be introduced to keep the participant motivated to consistently apply the learning.

Ē  – Engagement strategies that involve participation from everyone!


Dr. John Beiter [PhD] works with organizations interested in addressing negative cultures.  His evidence based wellness program, grounded in the science of positivity, has been successfully delivered to Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

He welcomes the opportunity to discuss how his program addresses negative cultures to bring about lasting behavioral changes in positivity, appreciation and engagement of your organization.  These changes are both sustainable and measurable through an accompanying digital platform.

Our company has been undergoing a series of structural changes, realignment, and role responsibilities. Six months ago we underwent a “team building” course with John where we as a team agreed that we need to be more proactive. We went through extremely difficult conversations with one another that were not only eye opening but helped us form what was going to be the start of our new success moving forward. I can honestly say that over the last 6 months I have genuinely felt a change of collaboration, proactivity, and better communication among our team of leaders. It was when I had the opportunity recently, to visit with my counterparts across the country, where I realized the true impact that team building had on us. Several of my counterparts were not aligned with their teams, felt hesitation when going back to their leadership when having difficult conversations, and just overall not supported. I sat back and with great comfort and knew that I had a strong team of support upon my return home. I knew that I would not have an issue with having my leadership support my overall needs. I can say that 6 months prior I would not have felt comfortable saying that, but today we are the best damn team around! – RH – Consumer Affairs Manager

I have been with the same Fortune 500 company for 38 years and have been in Leadership for over 35 years. With that said I have been to many leadership seminars and been exposed to many presenters and Leadership coaches and I have never had anyone continue to lead the team on our success journey and keep in contact with everyone for over six months. His passion for helping others be successful in a positive way is contagious! – Thank you…V.P. Of Ops

I had the pleasure to have Dr. John Beiter facilitate a workshop for my leadership team. The participants in this evidence-based program had measurable and sustainable improvements in all aspects of their leadership effectiveness and well-being. John did a masterful job of designing and leading us through a process of discovery and planning with a number of scientifically proven, yet practical strategies for each individual. The content was relevant with activities that helped solidify the learning. Every participant expressed they enjoyed the presentations, and felt they were leaving with knowledge and tools they could put to use right away. The results included higher productivity, improved teamwork and increased job satisfaction. These results were sustainable and strengthened by John’s commitment to provide the team with weekly-customized communications that lasted over six months. J.H. – President, Fortune 500 Retail

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