Dr. John W. Beiter

John W. Beiter, Ph.D. has over 30 years of business experience in both the corporate and clinical/health care environments. He is a highly motivated and inspirational coach having earned advanced degrees in all functional areas he has worked. His doctoral studies provided development of his professional skills and abilities with a vision toward bringing an in-depth understanding of business practices and corporate cultures to an equally comprehensive understanding of what motivates people to succeed and what factors can impede their growth.

John has worked in many corporate functional areas such as sales and marketing, treasury and finance, auditing, accounting, human resources and organizational development for many diverse corporations including: the Federal Home Loan Bank, U.S. Steel, Mellon Bank, Aristech Chemical Company and German owned Bayer Corporation. While working in the financial services sector, he was responsible for the marketing and sales of complex treasury operating systems to Fortune 100 clients across the United States.

Being identified as an expert in the field of treasury management systems, he was recruited to run the international cash operations of Bayer Corporation, where he was responsible for managing daily cash positions in excess of $1 billion, including their foreign exchange exposure. While pursuing his Ph.D. in psychology he was assigned to the organization development group where he launched a corporate wide mentoring program as an initiative from his membership in the diversity advisory committee in retaining high potentials. He also provided organization development programs, senior management coaching and leadership consulting for internal employees.

“As a coach and psychologist I do not judge, impose or assume that I am the ‘expert’ in what you, the client needs to do in your life.  My approach is to use the art and science of psychology as a complement to the coaching process to provide collaborative and compassionate services to support you, the client, in leading more productive, successful and satisfying lives.” 

John moved from the corporate world to the clinical environment coaching senior level management at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center through the employee assistance program. He designed, developed and implemented a corporate coaching program for a privately held company. He has provided clinical supervision and coaching to licensed professionals. John is known for his ability to offer creative perspectives to complex human interactions that facilitate individuals in developing the skills necessary to navigate difficult situations and/or relationships.

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