I am very “happe” and excited to introduce a new series that can have profound, transformative effects on your life – both personally and professionally. The series focuses on Universal Laws that affect everyone the same way just like gravity.  You don’t wake up one day and say that you are not going to do ‘gravity’ today – that’s for the rest of the planet.

Universal Laws apply to us all whether we want to acknowledge them or not .  So for the next seven weeks I am going to introduce you to the seven universal laws of the mind that you use every minute of everyday to create reality.  Those Universal Laws are:

  1. Those Universal Laws are:

    1. Thoughts are Real Forces.
    2. The Law of Transmission – the mind is a sending and receiving station for thoughts.
    3. Law of Attraction – thoughts that are emotionalized become magnetized and attract similar and like thoughts.
    4. Law of Control – we are forever experiencing thoughts which we can either entertain or dismiss
    5. Law of Insertion – power and ability to insert any thought into our mind.
    6. Law of Connection – we live in two worlds simultaneously an inner and outer one.
    7. Your specific universal laws.

Remember that reality is not what your eyes show your mind to see but what your mind directs your eyes to see!  I am going to teach you that the world you see, i.e. have made, is because you are the image maker.

The first of these profound and life changing laws is that THOUGHTS ARE REAL FORCES!

Thoughts are not meaningless little things that pass in and out of your mind. Every single thought you have is an energy, which has a direct affect on the reality you perceive. Weak and scattered thoughts are weak and scattered forces, strong and concentrated thoughts are also strong and concentrated forces. Our reality is created by the force and power of the thoughts we entertain, whether those thoughts are automatic or created consciously and purposely.

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