Welcome to the second week of The Universal Laws of the Mind series.  Last week we learned that thoughts are real forces.  Everything you accomplished in life started with your thoughts. The more you focused, contemplated and concentrated on that thought brought about the reality you created for yourself through your thoughts.  This is one reason why thoughts are real forces.  Every thought you think has a result and effect in your life. Remember you create your own reality, no on else and reality does not exist outside of yourself.

THE LAW OF TRANSMISSION is this week’s focus.  We process 30,000 – 60,000 thoughts per day – that is a lot of thoughts.

The mind is a sending and receiving station of thought.

Your mind is continually sending out and receiving energy vibrations in the form of thoughts, similar to a radio broadcast. As was established in the first law, thoughts are real forces and whatever thought vibrations you consistently send out into your environment will have an effect. You pick up thought vibrations and ideas from other people whose thoughts vibrate on the same frequency as your own. Think negative and you attract negative. Think positive and you attract positive. Scientists somehow figured out that the average person processes 30 – 60,000 thoughts per day and that 70 – 75% are negative and a majority of those negative thoughts are directed at the person looking you in the mirror. You are not your mind, you are the controller of the thoughts that originate in the mind.