This week’s book review is Charles Duhigg’s bestseller – The Power of Habit.

This is one of those books that hooked me right off the start. I really like authors who drive home their points through stories. He helps us understand what the sequence of events that take place in order for our brains to create a habit. Simply put he describes how a habit loop is created so the brain can operate most efficiently and effectively to maintain a homeostatic state.
It starts with a cue that triggers a routine that follows through to a reward but just not any reward – one the brain craves. He takes the reader from the individual to business to community in how even large organizations of people create habits.

I think Duhigg touches on, what I believe to be, beyond leadership when he discusses Paul O’Neill’s transformation of Alcoa when he took over as CEO in 1987. The story, like so many more in the book, is fascinating and sure to entertain but more importantly educate! He discusses an extremely successful approach to losing weight without dieting through – you guessed it – the power of habit.

I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy and plan on making it your own habit and discover the power within.

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