A few weeks ago I was approached to speak at a local chapter of the Women of Tomorrow, part of a larger organization to help at-risk teenage girls become successful.   My plan was to share three ideas that I thought would have the greatest impact and be the most useful to the girls…discussion about the creation of reality as explained by John Kehoe in his Mind Power book, the Five Love Languages of Appreciation originated through the earlier works of Gary Chapman and a positivity based exercise.

The experience was very interesting from beginning to end! As I prepared and gathered the materials for the presentation, I had been informed that there would most likely be between 16 – 20 girls.  For the positivity activity, each participant is given a glass bowl to collect positive comments made to her by everyone in attendance. The evening before and for whatever reason [certainly one I cannot explain] I decided to take 22 bowls.  I thought it was more than coincidence when exactly 22 girls showed up and that it had been the largest group ever to show up.

As I started out and looked around me some of the girls just didn’t look interested.   Fortunately, one girl took an interest in the material that resulted in a couple of the other girls getting engaged as well, so I was feeling hopeful that a few would be getting something out of what I had to say.

After the short lecture, the room’s atmosphere changed completely when they were introduced to the positivity exercise.  The girls started smiling, laughing and engaging with each other, which was pretty cool to see.  The school counselor commented that she really liked this activity and thanked me for introducing it to the girls as many of them had never interacted with each other before.

My biggest take away was when I asked the girls what if anything was their take away?  One particular girl said something that really opened my eyes. My interpretation of what she said was that we started out the session by stating that we all create our own reality and the positivity exercise helped demonstrate that everyone’s reality is in indeed different, i.e. how each girl sees each of the other girls. When I was thinking about what I wanted to present to the girls – I had 3 distinct messages I wanted to get across, not realizing how interconnected the messages were going to be.

While I was driving away, my thought was that sometimes you really don’t know what your part is in the whole scheme of an experience and you may be thinking that you are only there to deliver what was promised.  If you are fortunate enough to be open, you learn that life [or the universe or God or whatever you believe] has something far greater in store [much more than you could even begin to imagine] for you to contribute to help other people and in the process you are changed forever.

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