Positivity Creates the Competitive Edge

Successful businesses have been moving away from a transaction mentality and into a relationship mindset for years now to improve the bottom line.  When you focus on people more than profits, the profits generally tend to go far beyond what you might otherwise expect.  Better relationships with customers can often lead to better results for the business.  Many of us can personally relate to being loyal to a grocery store, a clothier, a dry cleaner, automobile dealership, or restaurant because you felt well treated, welcomed, honored, respected.  Friendliness, kindness, genuine concern, that little extra touch, and going beyond the call of duty are all exemplifications of positive employees.

Organizations that embrace the value of a positive environment by engaging in strategies to continually improve and enhance employee wellness are among the most successful, according to the sciences on happiness, positivity and appreciation.  I like to think of happiness, positivity and appreciation as guiding principles – imagine what would happen to your business or your personal life if you tried to go against them in all your interpersonal interactions.  How successful would you be if you decided to be constantly unhappy, negative and unappreciative?  Who do you think would want to interact with you?

As an organization you need to ask all of your employees from the very top to the very bottom – have we created a culture of positivity, an environment within which everyone can flourish?  Remember it’s the culture that produces customers for the long-term.  The employees are more important to the customers than the products, in most cases.  Positive people in a positive environment do good work.  The essence of business should be viewed as a relationship art, the creation and care of cultures, within which people can join together in partnerships for living well.

My H-A-P-P-Ē program helps organizations create such a culture with fun and meaningful activities that can provide concrete evidence demonstrating successful long-term outcomes.  Please contact me to explore how this program can support your organization to be more positive, engaged and successful.

Positively HAPPE