Successful People Use To Guide Them

Just as lighthouses are powerful lights used to avoid dangerous areas; lighthouse principles are powerful beacons to guide successful people in all endeavors in life. They rise above so that they can be easily detected and used to navigate any situation involving the specific principle. If you chose to ignore the principle then you run the risk of running aground and preventing yourself from moving forward. You will find out how critical they are if you live your life in contrast to the principles.

The next series of blogs are going to be dedicated to highlighting the 10 principles that spell out

• Listening
• Integrity
• Gratitude
• Honesty
• Trust
• Humbleness
• Optimism
• Understanding
• Strategy
• Empathy

The first principle is Listening and about how successful people use it to improve not only their life but the lives of all with whom they interact.

Listening is the most fundamental skill that successful people continually try to improve. It is much more than hearing what is said and being able to repeat it back. Many people listen with the purpose of responding but the more powerful approach would be to listen to understand all that is being communicated. While words can be effective, many researchers have concluded that much more is spoken through tone of voice, body language and the like.

Effective listeners will ask probing questions challenging old assumptions aiding in the discovery of new perspectives. The best listeners convey support and confidence for the other person. Great listening is experienced as a collaborative conversation where the flow of the discussion is smooth and easy and not critical or confrontational. Paraphrasing the famous words of Maya Angelou – many people may not remember what words were spoken verbatim but great listeners will always be remembered for how they made you feel. Listening is then much more than an auditory experience and that is exactly what successful people have discovered.