As a reminder, just as lighthouses are powerful lights used to avoid dangerous areas; lighthouse principles are powerful beacons to guide successful people in all endeavors in life. They rise above so that they can be easily detected and used to navigate any situation involving the specific principle. If you choose to ignore the principle then you run the risk of running aground and preventing yourself from moving forward. You will find out how critical they are if you live your life in contrast to the principles. This is the ninth and final in a series of blogs that are dedicated to highlighting the 10 principles that spell out L-I-G-H-T-H-O-U-S-E:


Strategy is paramount to living a fulfilling life and taking responsibility for your time, talents and resources. Successful people consider strategy as a high level plan to achieve one or more goals to bring about a desired future. They are pro-active which means they have a strategy or a map of how to achieve and arrive at desired outcomes. Being strategic is about being flexible and adaptable and not rigid in pursuit of your goals. Strategy is a dynamic component of successful people and affords them the ability to think and act quickly while maintaining an awareness of where they are heading.

Successful people start their strategic path by looking at their core values. Based on the results of what is most important to them, they will determine their approach in all endeavors. Next they will most likely commit to writing a personal mission statement to apply themselves to bring about the best results possible given their talents and abilities.
Finally they will do a careful analysis of where their skills and strengths are to be able to maximize the contribution they can make in their lives. They realize that what they are currently doing is nowhere near what they are capable of doing and use strategy as the guiding principle to close that gap.