The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there…Unknown Author

When you hear the word healthcare – what automatically comes to mind…the government, your doctor, hospitals, ‘Big Pharma’?  I recently conducted my own informal survey and asked people what kind of healthcare plan they had and all but one answered the same way.  The majority referenced the name of their healthcare provider.  Only one person pointed to himself and said that he was his healthcare plan.  He went on to explain that he exercises regularly both mentally and physically, does his best to eat healthy and gets plenty of rest.

Too many of us are looking for healthcare solutions outside of ourselves and just like the man on top of the mountain that did not fall there; so it is that most people [not all] facing serious medical conditions did not fall into them but made the choices that helped get them to where they are today.

Zig Ziglar once asked an auditorium full of people if anyone present owned a $1,000,000 racehorse and as he suspected, he didn’t get any takers.  He then asked – if you did own such an animal would you keep it up late at night and feed it beer and candy?  Of course you wouldn’t but if you did – would you expect the veterinarian to make your horse better by giving it pharmaceuticals?

Healthcare 101 starts with making consistent smarter choices that have positive consequences for our health just like the guy who chose to be his go to healthcare plan.  We need to depend less on outside resources to fix health problems that many of us have created on our own.  It is really that simple.  So if you say you can’t get your head wrapped around that idea then maybe you need to start exercising your mind.

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