There has always been a lot of truth surrounding – what you focus on gets done – especially given all the distractions you face on a daily basis. When you make something your number one priority then success follows. Examples abound from getting in shape, to getting an education, to almost anything you want to accomplish but you have to stay persistent and consistently focused by beginning with the end in mind.

Years ago corporations took on a mantra of reporting safety statistics at the start of almost every single company gathering. Paul O’Neill the former CEO of ALCOA was certainly one of the pioneers of this undertaking – a movement that can be likened to a chain reaction. By announcing to the key stakeholders during his opening address much to the panic of everyone present in October 1987 that he was going to make it the safest company in America without talking about profits, he had forever changed the successful trajectory of the company and as the saying goes…the rest is history!

Every meeting from that day forward started with a discussion about safety, a chain reaction that rippled through an entire global organization. This same method or model can be easily applied to corporations as well as academic settings and here’s how!

At the beginning of every meeting or class as the case may be start by asking all in attendance to answer anyone of the following questions:

• What do you feel most grateful for right now?…or
• What do you feel most positive about today?…or
• What did you do to get healthy today?

Another idea is to have everyone in attendance write on an erasable white board the answer to any one of those questions as they settle in. Posting the comments makes for a nice visual to remind everyone and/or give ideas to make well being a priority and the best part is that it is simple and effective. Your challenge should you chose to accept it is to turn this idea into a habit or discipline and possibly consider documenting any changes you notice [purely optional – but again as the saying goes – What gets measured, gets done!]. You could even consider running a pre and post survey on each members subjective well-being. Start focusing on Employee and Student well-being at every meeting today!

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