With the help of one of the best leaders I have ever coached in my career as an executive coach, I developed a workshop that supports an atmosphere that is “beyond leadership”.

The key in understanding what is “beyond leadership” is being able to create an environment that everyone wants to be part of and then give each person the freedom to create her/his reality of what it means. It is quite simply and effectively built on the framework of Positivity.

In this short 90-second whiteboard animation I’ll introduce you to the principles of how positive psychology can transform your organization.  Hopefully it will peak your interest and curiosity enough to contact me to begin a dialogue about how we can work together to increase productivity and success where you work.

Positivity produces an environment that is supportive and nurturing making possible a cultural shift that creates an atmosphere where everyone contributes the best they have to offer. The activities each participant experiences are meaningful and bring about much needed appreciation and acknowledgment to your workplace.

Enjoy the video – I look forward to hearing back from you! Visit my Work With Me page to schedule a complimentary Discovery Call. I can help you define your purpose or expand your success now!