What We Need is a Checkup From the Neckup…Zig Ziglar

From a corporate training perspective, organizations spend billions of dollars every year on employee development in the following key areas:

  • Technical Skills
  • Product & Services Knowledge
  • Sales Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Ethics & HR Compliance

What is clearly missing from this list is training for the mind, which fuels all the others.  Think of spending all of your vehicle maintenance dollars on everything but the engine itself.  How do you think it is going to run over time?  We do not need scientific research to tell us the benefits of working with a healthy, strong and positive mind – try working with its opposite and see how long you last and how far you can go.

With job burnout and employee disengagement at all time highs in our history, we are in desperate need of prioritizing the importance of developing healthier minds.  This is nothing new, this all began back in our earlier school days where we focused on learning facts, figures and formulas and spent little if any time working to strengthen our minds.  The time is long overdue and we need to get back to basics or in many cases establishing a new basic of providing opportunities to strengthen our cognitive abilities through the science of happiness, appreciation and positivity.  This was one of the compelling reasons for me to create my H-A-P-P-Ē program.  Consider it as a personal trainer for your mind that will leave you feeling more confident, positive, happier and productive.

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